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Greetings and salutations!


Today is the day that I published my first blog post. It is also pajama day at my school. I am wearing emoji pajamas with an adorable cheetah print robe. It is something I would wear to school every day if I could.



Here is my entire class at the library with our pajamas on. We’re going to get 100%!


Everyone in our class is wearing pajamas. Therefore, we will earn a spirit award at the end of the day. Corky the coyote, our school mascot, will get to live in our classroom for the week.


What is your favorite spirit day?

What do your favorite pajama’s look like?



101 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog!

    • Pj day is also my favorite day too all I need to do in the morning is wake up and go to school.

      Rexy burger said she wishes that there was nap time at school on Pj day.

      Hope you had a good nap.

  1. Hello! I am a fifth grade teacher in Wyoming. Our favorite dress up day is pajama day! We also love hat day. You are doing a great job on your blog!

    • @ Hailey Reiter,

      On hat day I guess you wear hats but what makes it so important?

      If I go to Wyoming, what are some tips and what is it like there?

      We are commenting to help Sheila and her over 80 comments.

      Roboticwaffle, Stevencarver

  2. Hi! Your teacher shared your blog post with the world and I was really happy to read it! Pajama day was one of my favourite events as a school principal and teacher.

    Could you please say hi to your teacher? I know she is very proud of you and the other students in your classroom and she is one of my favourite teachers in the world, so if you could say hi from me, that would mean a lot!

    Keep blogging!

    • @ Mr. Couros,

      I am looking at my teacher right now and saying, “Hi, from Mr. Couros!” She has a smile a mile wide!

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and help with the Flag Counter dilema. “Sheila” has over 80 comments right now! She has so many comments, we are each going to comment back to at least two people. We’re calling it: Sheila’s Commenting Marathon!

      “Livy” thinks that you put a lot of time into your comment. It took away from the things you needed to do during the day. Thank you!

      “Piper” is impressed that you wrote a book for teachers. Mrs. Yollis has it in her classroom and showed it to us.

      Thanks again for bringing a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for blogging, geography, and Canada to our room!

      “Sheila Turner”, “Aliyah Sage”, “Jodie Bloom”, “Dr. Hagle”, “Livy”, “Piper” and Mrs. Yollis
      (We use “pen names” in here!)

    • Thanks for the comment and congratulating us for 100%. The picture was taken in the library. After a cozy story, probably everyone was dreaming about snuggling near a crackling fire with cookies and milk. It’s a swell visual right? “Titanium Pizza” was thinking about eating brownies while watching television!

      Do you like the ideas of eating brownies while watching television?

      After reading a book, would you like sitting by a crackling fire with cookies and milk?


      Titanium Pizza and Piper 🙂

  3. PJ day is the best! I teach 6th grade in Texas and would love to be able to do PJ day with a read in day combined. My favorite pjs have dogs and donuts on them. Not sure who thought they went together, but they’re soft and I love them any time of year.

    • @ Jenny

      We got so many comments we have to reply to them for Sheila.

      My name is Dr. Hagle (not a real MD). if you want to check out my blog:

      p.j. day at our school is a big hit too.

      What city in Texas do you live in?

      Dr. Hagle

    • @ LEE ANN

      Hi, Lee Ann. We are helping out Sheila, our friend, reply back to people. Thank you for putting your time into that great comment. We hear you live in Southern Spain? We live in California.Have you ever visited Califonia?

      Sheilas friends,
      “Betty Sushi” and “Veronica Pink”

  4. I am a principal in Cobb County, near Atlanta, Georgia. We are the Pickett’s Mill Pirates so my favorite spirit day is Pirate Day! I also love Book Character Day.

    • @ Jenny,

      Jenny, I am going to Atlanta, Georgia this summer for my brother Lucas’s maccabee soccer. My mom was born in Fort Benning, Georgia. I’m excited to go to Georgia but I bet they won’t let me see my mom’s birthplace because it is an army base.


      P.S. I’m helping Sheila with the blogging marathon.

  5. Hi Sheila! My name is Mrs. Patricia from Puerto Rico. I teach 4th Grade English, and I wanted to congratulate you on your blog. You are doing a great job! Also, your pajamas are awesome!

  6. I am an 8th grade math and social studies teacher in Illinois! Thank you for sharing about your spirit day. My favorite spirit day is sports or college theme days because I get to root on my favorite team!

    • @Andrea,

      I am Sheila’s friend and our class is trying to answer some comments because there’s so many.

      I am in love with sports but I do not cheer for my favorite team. I play on a team, and I love soccer and basketball I wonder what it would be like to be a teacher in Illinois and teach social studies and math. It must be fun and hard.

      What’s your favorite sport to watch and what’s your favorite subject?

      From Sheila’s friend,
      Aliyah Sage

  7. Hi! I am a middle school teacher in NY and my favorite spirit day is pajama day too! It just makes the whole day better, doesn’t it? Your blog looks wonderful! I love how you ask questions to get everyone involved. Keep up the good work and I hope your next spirit day is just as fun!

    • Dear Mrs. Karpenske,

      I am helping Shiela with her Commenting Marathon! I have been to New York because my grandparents live there, so I have been there to visit them.


  8. I love dressing in the colors of my school. I live in Rochester New York and teach at a high school. I am a special ed teacher and live what I do.
    I like to wear workout pants and a sweatshirt.
    I think you have a great blog and keep pushing forward. Awesome job!🙂

  9. I’m a teacher at a high school in New Jersey. Some kids wear pajamas on regular days!

    • Dear Mr. Miler,

      I am helping Sheila with her commenting marathon. That is really weird that some kids wear p.js on regular days. I would like to do that very much but I bet that my teacher would not let me. My uncle and aunt and baby cousin live in New Jersey. I have visited them before. I love New Jersey because there are lots of sights to see there.

      Do you wear p.js on regular days too?

      “Ana Prewitt”

  10. Hi Sheila,
    I love this! I teach at a high school and they too love pajama day during homecoming week. To be honest, my pajamas consist of sweat pants and and. Tshirt. I’m not very creative!
    Jodi timler
    Plymouth, WI

    • @Jodi Timler
      Hi, my name is Livy and Mr. Watch and I are helping Sheila with her comments. Mr. Watch and I love pajama day. Both of our families (on our dad’s side) are from WI. Thank you for the comment! Our whole class is helping Sheila with the comments actually. 🙂

      Do you have any relatives in WI?
      From your blogging buddies.
      Mr. Watch and Livy

  11. Our high school students wore pajamas to school one day, too! Sleep is so important for your brain at its best. Get 8 hours every night.

  12. I love pajamas, but as a principal it can be uncomfortable meeting with parents in my PJ’s. 🙂 I do really enjoy casual days where I can wear jeans! Keep writing. Your messages are important and will spread with time.

  13. I teach Grade 5 French Immersion in Peterborough, ON. My students and I love PJ Day (because we get to bring in a stuffie, too!) I also love crazy hair day — some people are super creative with their hair.

  14. Hello from northern Wisconsin. We still have snow here so PJ day would make for a cold day at the bus stop! I am writing this while sitting outside boiling maple sap into syrup, so maybe I can have fresh syrup on pancakes in my PJs before school soon!

    I like a spirit day everyone can do, maybe a color most everyone has, like white or blue. It’s the most fun when everyone can be a part of it.

    • Hi Jenny,

      My name is Jodie I am helping Sheila answer her comments.

      At my school, we have one bus and only 3 people ride it. I love pancakes with maple syrup. I like to put sprinkles and chocolate chips in my pancakes.

      Do you like your pancakes regular or with something in them?


  15. You are a terrific writer! I teach at a middle school and for spirit week we had “I woke up like this Wednesday.” I wore a robe over my pajamas with furry slippers and a sleeping mask (it’s all about the details!)

    I like to wear pants to school so I can sit on the floor with my students, but sometimes I wear dresses.

    • Hello,

      We are helping Sheila with her blog. Our names are Milos the Pirate and Green Shark. Milosthepirate/me was wearing star wars pants and a bar/bat mitzvah shirt that said savage or Ronaldo I think. Greenshark was wearing regular cloths.

      Green Shark and Milos the Pirate

  16. Greetings and salutations! Your blog is “blowing up!” Hello from Chicago! My PJs have coffee cups on them because teachers need a lot of coffee!

    • @ E. Freeman,

      Thank you for taking the time to write a good comment. My dad is from Chicago, and he roots for the Chicago Cubs. The won the World’s Series in 2016. I was nervous and scared that they might lose because the last time the Cubs won the World Series was 1908.

      “Ruby” would love to visit Chicago someday. “Wilson” says you have great pizza. Is that true?
      “Wilson Blue”

  17. Sheila

    I think it’s great that you are blogging. Pijama day is lots of fun. My favorite spirit day is Jersey Day.

    Keep sharing!


  18. I am a high school principal in Connecticut. I enjoyed reading your post…keep up the good work! My favorite dress up days are twin days. My students are so creative with unusual pairings. Some dress exactly alike like identical twins. Others dress as things that go together, like peanut butter and jelly, more like fraternal twins. And sometimes, the students dress like me, which is funny and flattering.

  19. Congratulations on your blog! I would love to wear pajamas to school everyday. I think that pajama day is definitely my favorite spirit day, too. I don’t have a favorite pair. Hmm.. I guess that means I need to shop for a really cute pair!

  20. Hello! I’m a teacher in Hong Kong and we have pajama day on the last day before the winter holiday , so it always makes me feel happy and excited for Christmas!
    Congratulations on your first blog post. I hope you continue blogging and sharing your learning with others!

  21. Laura here from Philadelphia! My favorite pajamas have birds with crowns. My favorite spirit day is “Conge” days, which the teachers planned, but are a surprise to students.

  22. I love that you have a blog! Congratulations for being brave and publishing it! Our students love pajama day, but as a Principal I don’t usually participate in this day. I’d feel really silly in a meeting with parents in my pj’s! I can’t wait to show your blog to some of my students tomorrow, keep up the great work!

  23. I love that you are blogging. My favorite spirit day was hippie day. Ask your grandparents about hippies.

  24. Way to put yourself out there by blogging! I am a middle school principal in Indianapolis, IN. Our students wear uniforms and LOVE spirit weeks: PJ day, tropical day, college day and twin day seem to get the most students to dress you. Good luck!

  25. I teach in NW Iowa, and we still have snow here, but it is melting. My kids love pajama day, too, but my favorite day is Spring Break Day. Our winter gets very long here, so we dress up like we are headed to the beach hoping that will bring spring early!!

  26. I love pajama day too! I look forward to it every spirit week. My favorite pajamas are purple with a gold paisley print. They are silky but really warm.

  27. Greetings from Ontario, Canada. Well done on starting your blog! Although pyjama days are really popular in our school, I really love crazy hat days.

  28. Thanks for putting your writing out into the world! Enjoying reading it, while wearing my pajamas in Superior, WI. We love twin day at my middle school.

  29. Hi from the Pacific Northwest near Seattle. Pajama day is my first favorite! For sure! My second favorite is crazy hair day. Loved your pic and your school spirit!

  30. PJ day was always my favourite. Just hop out of bed, have some breakfast, brush your teeth and off you go. Of course where I live in Alberta, Canada – a coat, boots and mittens are needed, too. The best part is going place after school on PJ day – you get some smiles! Your post brought back lots of happy spirit day memories.

  31. Greetings from Linden, Michigan. My favorite spirit day is Michigan State University vs. University of Michigan day. My principal wears blue (for U of M) and I wear my favorite color green (for MSU). Good luck with your blog!

  32. I’m a teacher at a High School in St.Thomas, Ontario Canada. My students love pj day. I love wear your favourite jersey day and our school spirit wear days. Keep blogging…you’re off to an amazing start!

  33. Hello! I love your blog! And your pajamas look so comfy! My favorites are pig pajamas because my own kids love Gerald and Piggie books. 😊

    I’m a principal in Natick, MA. Keep up the great work! You’re off to an awesome start!

  34. I like your blog! I’m a second grade teacher in Minnesota and my students’ favorite day is pajama day. Sometimes they bring slippers, blankets and stuffed animals to curl up with and read. Good luck with your blog.

  35. My favorite spirit day is superhero day. Kids wear the normal superhero logos we would all recognize, but some create their own. My all time favorite was when a group of students printed masks of a teacher’s face and dressed like him. What an honor. 🙂

  36. Learning is so much easier when you are comfy! Your blog looks really nice! I am going to share it with my third graders tomorrow!

  37. Hello! I’m an educator from New York. I loved reading your blog and was delighted to see comments from people all around the world. How exciting!
    Students and teachers in our district enjoy all different types of dress up days. By far, their favorite is PJ day.
    Keep blogging and connecting with people!

  38. Hi!!! I’m a 6th grade resource teacher in Wisconsin and my favorite spirit days are Wellness Wednesdays and sports spirit days. Love wearing my Brewer, Packer, Bucks, and Badger gear – and I love wearing yoga pants and my school spirit wear, too!

    My favorite pajamas have dogs on them.

    Have fun with your blog!!!

  39. This teacher from Ontario, Canada loves your blog too. Your words have reached the corners of the world! Keep blogging and sharing your ideas – the world wants to hear more from you!

  40. I’m an elementary school innovation specialist in southern Wisconsin. Keep up the great work!
    My favorite spirit days are school spirit days where I can wear my school gear. I also like seeing what the students come up with for dress like a teacher day. My third grade son dressed up like his phy ed teacher-right down to the ID badge and whistle!

  41. Hello!! Im a Leadership Development Specialist in San Antonio, Texas. That means I help provide training for administrators. Your blog has motivated me to maybe try something like this with our Principals. Do you think they’d like to have a pajama day? Even Principals need to have fun while learning, right?!

  42. Hello from Saskatchewan, Canada. What a great first blog entry! Pajama Days at school are the best. I will even put curlers in my hair and carry a teddy bear! Congratulations to your class for your win of Corky the Coyote for the week. Keep blogging!

  43. Hi! I’m a 7th grade math teacher from Fort Worth, TX. I wish I had PJ day!!! Sounds like so much fun….and comfy too!!

  44. Hi from Melbourne Australia !

    PJ day was a favourite at our school too. They made breakfast at school too and donated money for people who did not have somewhere comfortable to sleep every night.

    I hope you keep up blogging and sharing your writing and thoughts.


  45. Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and writing.

    Pajamas with wacky hair is the best day! Then I can sleep in late and just go to school.

    btw … I’m the principal! 😝

  46. Hi Sheila, I’m a tech coach in Las Vegas at a Jr. High. We have spirit days every month or so and my favorite, other that pajama day, is Super Hero Day! Excellent beginning to your blog. Keep writing!

    • @Michelle Truman,

      I have a couple of family members in Vagas, have you been t Freed’s Bakery. We don’t have Superhero Day, however, on Halloween, we can dress up and maybe we pick to be a superhero my favorite superhero believe it or not it’s not a girl it is bum butem bum spiderman (even though girls rule but still live girl superheroes.


  47. Hi there,

    Greetings from New Zealand. I can’t think of anything nicer than a pyjama party in the school library! Keep up the writing and blogging.

    Mrs ahewett, School Librarian, Auckland N.Z.

  48. We have Pajama Day too! We do it the last day of school before winter break. I usually wear my cow onesie. I drive to work in it and live in fear of something happening on my commute and having to get out of my car dressed as a cow!
    I teach a combined Grade 1/2 class in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  49. Hello. I am an assistant principal Belair Primary school in Adelaide South Australia. My favourite day is Sports Day….lots of fun and games, colour and atmosphere.
    I loved reading all about you PJ day. Keep up the blogging. 😁

  50. Aloha from Hawai’i!!!! I’m a Technology Integration Support teacher at Ewa Elementary School on the island of O’ahu.

    One of my favorite spirit days is Sports Day!!! ⚽️🏀🥎🏐🏈⛳️🏄‍♀️🤽‍♂️🏊‍♀️

    Here in Hawai’i…my favorite pajamas is just plain t-shirt & shorts!!! 🤙🏼☀️🌴

  51. Hi Sheila,

    I am a primary (elementary) school teacher in Melbourne, Australia. I was delighted to read your post and find out about your blog. Pajama Day is always one of my favourite days. We also like Footy Day where we come dressed in our favourite footy (Aussie Rules) team colours.

    Good luck with your blogging and I hope you have lots more fun with it.

  52. Hi there! I am a High School Earth Science teacher on Long Island, NY! I saw your blog on twitter! Spirit week is my favorite week of the year and our days change every year but the one that always stays the same is class color day where we all dress in the color of our favorite class (freshman, sophomores, juniors or seniors). I’m the teacher for the juniors so I support them every year!

  53. Good morning I love PJ day, and my favorite day is spirit day. I love seeing all of the students dressed up in the school colors and being part of community bigger than themselves.
    Nice work on the blog, and bringing your voice in the world.

  54. Hello from Dodge City, KS! I would LOVE IT if our high school would have sweats day as a spirit day. I think the student council doesn’t chose sweats day because students get to wear sweats whenever they want. Teachers don’t, though, so I want SWEATS DAY!!

    My favorite pajamas are black with white polka dots. Tell your entire class “hello” from southwest Kansas! P.S. — I raise Angus cattle (black cattle) with my husband.

  55. Hi there!
    Pyjama Day is always a highlight- the comfiest day of the school year, I think!
    Well done to your class for getting everyone motivated for a 100% pyjama class.
    I used to blog with my 5th grade students in NYC, and remember sharing a video your teacher made a loooong time ago, which told them some great things to try and follow when blogging – have you seen that old video?
    I’m not teaching in NYC anymore, I moved with my daughter to Australia, pretty far from New York!
    Good luck with your blogging!

  56. I am a middle school teacher in Illinois and my favorite spirit day is either crazy hair day or sports jersey day. Thanks for your blog post!

  57. I’m a tech integration coach in northeast Ohio and the weather is still pretty cold so PJ days at school are the best!! Your blog is impressive! Maybe we can do a Google Hangout/FaceTime/Skype call with you some day and you can tell our 3rd graders about why you blog. Let me know if you’re interested!

    • @ Joyce,
      You teach 3rd graders? I’m in 3rd grade. Also, I would but our teacher doesn’t want us sharing our yappy or what we look like. Thank you for the invitation. Also, you said the weather is pretty cold there so is it at least 80 degrees? Because here in LA it gets really warm, like in the summer it’s usually over 100 degrees.


  58. Hello from Yellowknife NT Canada! I’m a big fan of jersey day at my school because then I get to wear my team canada gear!

    Great blog!

  59. @ Sheila,

    We also have a spirit day, because we are in the same class. It was very fun! 🙂

    My favorite spirit day is Pajama day because I like to lounge around in my pink robe. I even wrote a post about it. Here is the link.

    It’s cool that you have so many visitors, I wish had more.

    What do you do to get comfy? I wear fluffy PJs to get comfy.

    You are such a good writer! 🙂


    • @ Sarah

      I like to wrap myself in blankets, to get comfy thanks for your compliment and if you think we’re not in the same class those of you reading this we are in the same class were not joking she’s actually helping me write this reply. Did you notice on PJ day we were both wearing emoji PJs?

      Do you like emoji?
      Are those your favorite pair of PJs?


      • @ Sheila,

        No, Sheila, I did not notice that we both had emoji PJs. You have a good eye.

        Yes, I do like emojis and I think that emojis are a fun colorful way to express yourself.

        You might think that the PJs I am wearing are my favorite, but they are not. My favorite PJ is a fuzzy pink, white, and rose gold fox one z with an attachable fox tail.

        What is your favorite one z?


        • @Sarah Gold,

          Well, I don’t wear one zs anymore, however, I’m pretty sure I had a monkey one z and I loved that one. I love fuzziness and I like rose gold. I like your way of disrupting emoji’s they are a fun colorful way to express yourself, and your feeling especially.


  60. I always loved PJ Day when I taught kindergarten and now that I work from home I have yoga pants day a lot which is comfortable like PJ Day but not quite as fun. I’d love to have you do a guest post on my website blog sometime!

  61. Hola from Bogota, Colombia … I just landed in South America and wanted to make sure I add another dot to your visitors’ map. Usually I live in Florida/USA.
    I like Halloween or Carnaval at schools when you can dress up as anything you would like.

  62. Hi! So happy that you are sharing this blog! I work for a school district on Long Island in New York and part of my job is to find creative ways for kids to learn. By looking at all the people that have commented, I bet you can learn about a lot of different places around the world! Thank you for a great idea!

  63. Hi! I’m a teacher from Canberra, Australia. I am enjoying reading your blog. Keep it up!

  64. We didn’t have pj’s day when I was in school, but if I was going to wear pj’s the college where I work; I’d have to wear my blue fishes with my red fluffy robe and matching fluffy Texas Tech slippers. Congratz on winning your spirit award. I love the picture in the library – best part of school because books open up to a world of possibilities. Keep up the good work!

    • @ Holly,
      I like the library too, I love books! I’ve always wanted to be an author or teacher because I love writing and like to read, I can read to my students if I become a teacher when I grow up. Thanks for congratulating me, I’m posting something for my visitors with some help from my friends who also have blogs Sarah Gold and Aliyah Sage


  65. Pajama Days are amazing. My favorite pajamas have poodles on them, haha! Keep writing in your blog. 🙂

  66. I wore a tie to work today. Oh and pants and a shirt too. And some shoes. Socks.

  67. @ Bald Todd,

    What did your tie look like?

    Thanks for commenting,

    • I don’t remember but today I have a multi-colored Zegna tie on with an orange shirt and blue suit.

      • @ Bald Todd,

        That seems like a beautiful tie, I bet it looks fantastic on you.

        Till next time,

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